Navigational Tips

Navigational Tips for Living in an Imperfect World

This is a compact book because we are all time poor. This book doesn't aim to change you or set a checklist of tasks. That's because you are all right, as you are! Sometimes it's easy to forget that. Or perhaps you don't yet know it. This book will provide you with tips on how to navigate your personal pathway through uncertain times.


Let go of your personal fantasies of an unattainable future, and stop looking back through the distorting lens of the past. By accepting yourself and others, and communicating effectively, you can realise the strength and joy of living authentically in the here and now.


With drawings by Roger Beale.

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(We're all right as we are,
if only we knew it!)

Charles Bentley PhD's Unitive™ approach to personal development coaching has evolved as a result of his long experience in the field of human potential.


Marian Edmunds is a business and creative writer. Her work has appeared in major newspapers including the Financial Times where she was a staff journalist for 15 years.


Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World

(We're all right as we are, if only we knew it!)

Charles Bentley PhD & Marian Edmunds

Published by Navigational Tips For Living, 2012


Available as print and e-book editions

ISBN: 978-0-9872572-0-8 (PDF ebook edition)

ISBN: 978-0-9872572-1-5 (EPUB ebook edition)

ISBN: 978-0-9872572-3-9 (print book edition).


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